Don’t Just Take it From Us!



Here’s what our smiling guests had to say:

  • “I love running but I hate going to the gym. My favorite part of the retreat was learning to do things with the core that didn’t require any equipment and being motivated by other people. It was definitely worth it to get up early, I’m here every day!”

-Cecilia, Brazilian living in Sanya

  • “I most liked the overall concept, that there were so many different kind of things. The program was challenging, but no one was pushing us too hard. You were really well prepared. I appreciated that a lot.

I thought running would be the most difficult but the cardio exercises were a bit physically tough for me because I’m already over 50! I would really like to introduce this to my daughters because I loved the community environment that was created and think that people of different ages can all do this type of thing together.

-Sari, Finn living in Beijing

  • “I love fitness but I sometimes find it hard to stay motivated, so the best thing I got out of the retreat was motivation!

-Weijin, Australian living in Shanghai

  • “I had a fantastic time. Really, I thought it was great. I most enjoyed the body-positive and supportive environment. Genuine enthusiasm and care from the organizers. I dream about that food. I enjoy being active. I don’t need to dread fitness. I can do it. ”

-Female, Canadian living in Beijing

  • “I loved the encouraging atmosphere and support from everyone there. I also loved that most of the weekend was focused on learning what is best for you and your body, and less about just doing the exercises.”

-Megan, American living in Shenzhen

  • “You had thoughtful and comprehensive preparation, and the fact that you didn’t give us a schedule – you made us go with the flow.

You selflessly shared your personal experiences and your knowledge – from how to run properly to meditating and finding a passion-filled career. Your personalities and enthusiasm also shone through, making the experience that much more enjoyable.

You explained things before teaching them. This made me understand it more and helped me remember the exercises.

You got me running!”
-Louise, Brit living in Beijing

*, join the ranks of these mind body enthusiasts june 12-14 and 19-21 in beijing!


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