I’m not in shape and I may hate yoga.

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Learn why you should still check out our retreats in China, Virginia and Mexico

REAL people. Doing REAL people things.

REAL people. Doing REAL people things.

I’m totally out of shape!

We really appreciate the diverse backgrounds of our guests, and we are comfortable tailoring the experience for all fitness levels.  Some participants had never gone for a run in their lives, while others are marathoners.

Tailored programs mean that with two instructors, one is doing the high-impact and one the low-impact version of each activity, and we make ourselves available for modification suggestions. No matter your level of fitness, you will get what you need.  Never give up, always let go.

What if I hate yoga?
The physical atmosphere, energy of the group your own willingness to be open to the experience can completely change your yoga experience.

On the Mind Body Fitness Retreats, we practice yoga to gain pleasure in our body, so that the mind can experience bliss. 

If you aren’t flexible, that doesn’t actually matter.  What’s more important is that you experience less physical pain, are working to correct spinal posture and are trying to connect your mind and body.  If that means laughing and smiling during class, go for it!


Beijing Retreats Now Booking

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20150507 Retreat

for our June Mind Body Fitness Retreats!

Join for a mind-bending, cardio bumping, tonic-making, passion-driving, ab-busting, taste bud delighting, good time in Beijing this summer!

What: A full weekend poolside villa getaway promoting health, fitness, and balance. *Saturday/Sunday Day Programs also available!

When: 1) FridaySunday June 12-14 and 19-21, 2015 (Varied themes and concepts for past participants)

Where: E-West Club, Tongzhou, East Beijing (40 Minutes outside the CBD)

Who: REAL PEOPLE who practice and want to learn more HEALTHY HABITS. Mind Body Fitness Retreats facilitators, Erin Henshaw and Brittany Dunn will tailor all exercises and instructions to your ability. The only requirement is the desire to sweat and learn! 12 spots available for each full weekend program, 20 for day programs–so get movin’!

*3 Day/2 Night Program:
2400 RMB Early-Bird (May 15) |  2800 RMB Standard (June 1)
*1-Day Program:
1000 RMB Early-Bird (May 15) | 1200 RMB Standard (June 1)

June 2015 Mind Body Fitness Retreats

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MIND BODY FITNESS RETREATS and E-West Club are excited to bring you more pool-soaking, cardio bumping, tonic-making, passion-driving, ab-busting, taste-bud delighting, mind-bending retreats this summer in Beijing!

Please join us June 12-14 and 19-21 for an all-inclusive retreat at our poolside, organic garden getaway in Tongzhou. (Just 40 minutes outside of downtown Beijing.)

Healthy fusion meals, strength and cardio workouts, yoga, herbal tonics, meditation, stride running workshops and poolside relaxing are just a part of the experience.  Please join Brittany, Erin, Alyssa, Lin and other like-minded, happiness conscious people to learn and share how REAL people have REAL fun sharing healthy experiences together.

Rates start at 1000RMB/day or 2400RMB for 3day/2night programs including all meals, programming, transportation and healthy surprises.

Please email events@ewestclub.com to sign up today!

Check out our previous program in Sanya, more photos coming soon.

*The team is also available all summer long for private bookings at E-West or your venue of choice!

Brit and Erin are ready for fitness!

Brit and Erin are ready for fitness!

Alyssa Lin Beach

While Alyssa and Lin are all smiles!